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Solution to login problem to the pilot crewcenter

posted by Tim Verbesselt on 2022-02-26


We are aware of the problem that some people are having problems logging into the pilot lounge/ crewcenter.
The solution here now is the following:

“due to a version gap between us and vaBase, It prevented everyone from logging in. You can set a new password here https://www.brusselsairlinesva.be/authentication/forgot_password.php (Sorry for the inconvenience) NOTE: make sure to check your spam folder if you don't receive a email.”

If you want to have the latest information at all time, you can link to us on discord. (This fix was also posted there)
You can find the link to our discord page on the main page of our website, when you scroll down a bit, you will find it.

Kind regards,

Tim Verbesselt
COO Brussels Airlines Virtual

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