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Rules and Regulations


Every pilot of the Brussels Airlines Virtual must respect all the rules which are noted here.

The Brussels Airlines Virtual has the right to make minor changes to these rules without notice.

The Brussels Airlines Virtual has the right to implement these changes at any time they choose. (f.e. when a staff member notices something due to an abnormal PIREP)

Last update: July, 2021

1. Pilot Requirements

1.1 The pilot must have any Flight Simulator.

2 The pilot must use his/her real identity to join the Virtual Airline.

3 The pilot must be able to show professionalism and realism.

4 The pilot may not be a staff member of another Virtual Airline.

5 The pilot must show respect to all our member airlines.

6 The pilot must respect all other members and the staff.

7 The pilot is required to read the rules again every month, this to ensure he/she is aware of all changes that appear in the rules.

2. Transfer of Hours

1. When a pilot joins, he/she is allowed to take the hours from a previous Virtual Airline with him/her. This is ONLY valid upon registration.

3. We don't allow transfer of hours from IVAO, VATSIM or any other online network.

3. Inactivity

1. A pilot must fly at least once every 3 months, after 3 months of inactivity the pilot will be set to suspened and a mail will be send.

1 bis. after that mail is send, the pilot has 2 weeks to reply if he wants to stay active or not, afterwards, the pilot will be removed with all data lost.

2. When a pilot is suspended, he/she will be able to join again by sending a mail to flight operations to remove the suspention. (No flight data will be lost)

3. Exceptions to the "suspension rule" (§3.2) can be made, when the pilot meets the following conditions: he/she must have a good motivation and had to be an active pilot before he/she went inactive.

4. When an exception is made, the pilot will be required to contact us personally and will have to complete his/her first flight in the first month after he/she rejoined. Awards and logged hours will not be replaced.

4. Flights

4.1 General
1. For each flight, the pilot is required to send in ONE PIREP not more than one PIREP for each flight is allowed either with acars or the website (see also §6). Do not try to extract the content of the log yourself for reusing the file. This will be seen as fraud and pilots will be suspended.

2. The staff will check all pireps as soon as possible and can decide to remove any PIREP that is found not correctly

3. The Brussels Airlines Virtual has the right to ask more information about a PIREP if it thinks something is wrong or just as a routine check.

4. A Pilot is not allowed to send a PIREP for a flight that he/she did not fly.

5. A flight may only be PIREPed once correctly.

6. Events can only be logged if the pilot participated to the event itself.

7. The pilot is not required to fly the flights at the time indicated in our timetable, but is encouraged to set his FS Clock to this time.

8. The pilot must check all info before starting the flight to be sure he is logging the correct way.

4.2 Offline / Online

1. All flights, can be flown online.

2. Events should be flown online, except when specified otherwise.

4.3 Aircraft

1. The pilot is not required to fly with the indicated Aircraft, it is just a reflection to the real life flight but we encourage doing so..

2. If the pilot chooses an aircraft type different from the timetable he/she must adjust speed to be in range of the indicated flight time in the timetable.

3. Virtual flights, flown with y/c aircraft also need to be in range with given time in virtual timetable.

4. If there is an aircraft indicated in the Special Flights / Tours the pilot must use the indicated type.

4.4 Simulation Rate

1. The maximum simulation rate is 1x.

2. Flights flown with a simulation rate higher than allowed will be cancelled.

4.5 Specific for Regular Pilots

1. The pilot will get assignments following the specifications of his/her system (see §5).

2. The pilot can select flights of his/her preference in the "Flights" section of the site.

3. The pilot is allowed, but not required, to fly the return flight of his/her assignment. But need to set it in his/her preferences.

4. The pilot is allowed to fly Special Flights at any time.

5. The pilot is allowed to fly events and log these flights but can’t depart before the indicated departure time in the info document.

6. When flying online, in NO matter Flight Operations will accept data coming from these online networks. Only data recorded trough BEL-Track will be accepted.

4.6 Valid From / Valid To

1. For all tours, the end-date of the tour is always a day before the date mentionned in the "Valid To" field.

5. Flight Operation Systems

5.1 General

1. Some flights exist of more then one leg!. Every pilot must check his/her flight information before start.

2. If the pirep is not correct the flight will be cancelled, and reflying will be necessary.

3. Regarding the flight time the system takes a margin for shorter/longer flight time. Once the pilot exceeded this margin the pirep will be cancelled or locked.

4. In case of appeal on our decisions, make sure you provide us the following info : log, weather, atc instruction, etc.

6. Acars
6.1 If the pilot's flight simulator version is compatible with acars:Â

1. The pilot is required to log his/her flights with acars.

2. The pilot is required to send his/her PIREP via acars.

3. The pilot is required to keep the log files of his/her last 50 flights.

4. When the pilot is unable to send the PIREP via acars (log error,...), he/she should contact flight operations.

6.2 If the pilot's flight simulator version is not compatible with acars

1. The pilot is not required to log his/her flights with acars.

2. The pilot can send his/her PIREP via the website.

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